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Pisa Cathedral

The Pisa Cathedral: Prestige of the Maritime Republic

The Cathedral of Pisa is dedicated to Virgin Mary (S. Maria Assunta) and is the main building of Piazza dei Miracoli.

It was begun in 1064 and completed three hundreds years later.

The builders chose to raise the Church in an open space outside the ancient walls: a new space as wide as the lands the Maritime Republic was conquering.

The entire monumental complex with its greatness express the prestige and wealth achieved by the citizenship of Pisa.

The interior of the cathedral brings together many different artistic expressions:

  • The Gothic architecture in the development of the church upwards;
  • The Roman style, in five large naves that blend into the transept;
  • The Arab world, in the column as a unifying element of a large space that is reminiscent of mosques.

The church houses an exceptional masterpiece of Gothic sculpture, the pulpit by Giovanni Pisano, which luckily managed to keep despite the serious fire in 1595.