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Pisa Leaning Tower

The Leaning Tower of Pisa queen of the most beautiful Pisa’s images

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is undoubtedly the most famous monument of the city.

Anyone visiting Piazza dei Miracoli has taken at least once a picture of the fake attempt to straighten the Tower.

Nevertheless, not all tourists know that the famous tower of Piazza dei Miracoli is actually the belfry of the next Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

People use to think of the lean as one distinctive features of this building, while there are other remarkable characteristics that demonstrate how the Leaning Tower was meant to be unique since its planning stage.

The bell tower of the Cathedral Dome of Pisa is unique in its being detached from the church which Masses it marks and, furthermore, its base is round.

The lean is due to the ground subsidence during the early years of the construction.

A drawback that, rather than discourage constructors, led them to find new tricks to preserve the masterpiece’s balance.

The unmistakable leaning silhouette rule the roost in every photo gallery with Pisa best images.

We will reveal you a secret: if you look closely at the upper floors of the tower, you will notice how they tend to curve toward the opposite side of the lean, in order to counterbalance the vertical displacement.


Discover the breathtaking view on the Leaning Tower

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